COVID-19 Home Collection – PCR Testing Service


*Includes a doctor’s consultation with each patient which provides more value and health assessment than just the test alone.

* Important note: an average turnaround time of the results is 10-12 business days.



NHMS is proud to be working with Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic(CPMC) in order to provide a Covid testing service. CPMC is a leading private GP clinic based in Chelsea. It’s GP’s will provide medical oversight and also provide the consultation service once your results are obtained. CPMC itself will have all the tests analysed by the UK’s leading medical laboratory. Both CPMC and the laboratory are CQC registered to provide these services.

The NHMS is a trading name of Health and Medical Service Ltd. an independent business based in the UK and is not part of the NHS.

The COVID-19 Home collection service requires a throat swab sample to be collected by you and sent back for testing to the NHMS medical partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic (CPMC):

  • A sterile PCR swab
  • A pathology form
  • A postage-paid envelope to return your sample to our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic

We will also provide you with a full set of instructions detailing how to collect your sample.

Once you have taken your sample, please use the postage paid envelope to send it to our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic.

COVID-19 Home Test Kit Specifications
Type of Test PCR Throat Swab
Accuracy of Test 99.9% with correct swab technique
Turnaround Time of Test 10-12 business days
(Including Postage)
All Postage Costs Free

How do I test myself for the Coronavirus?

Order the COVID-19 tests by filling out your details and completing payment.

All orders will be dispatched by next working day before 4pm, we use first class postage.

The test kit consists of a throat swab that you use to collect a sample. A set of simple instructions comes included with each kit so you can quickly and easily get a sample that will allow our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic to test you for this viral infection.

The kit comes with a postage-paid envelope so you can return your sample to our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic.


The British government has advised that home test kits, with results in minutes from a drop of blood are not sufficiently accurate.



We are offering the 99%+ accurate self-swab home collection biological sample kit.

The DNA collected by swab is sent to our partner: a fully accredited British laboratory where it is analysed and resulted under sophisticated conditions which reflect the standards carried out in all labs currently providing covid testing. The accurace of test is 99%

In accordance with British government guidelines from the Department of Health Care Quality Commission.

About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus spreads very quickly and causes an unpleasant respiratory illness that can be dangerous for some people. Not every case has symptoms and some people can spread COVID-19 to others without realising it.

COVID-19 and coronavirus mean the same thing, COVID-19 is a shortening of “coronavirus disease 2019”, the test kit NHMS provide is referred to as the COVID-19 Home Testing Kit.

How do you catch COVID-19?

The COVID-19 virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets. If an infected person sneezes or coughs they spray out virus-loaded droplets. Other people can breathe in the droplets and may become infected too. It is possible to get infected by COVID-19 if you touch a contaminated surface and transfer the viruses to your face.

What symptoms do you get with COVID-19?

You can expect the following symptoms if you have a COVID-19 infection:

  • cough
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • shortness of breath

Some people infected with COVID-19 have no symptoms at all. They can still infect other people though.

Do I need a COVID-19 test?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19, or have returned from a country with a high incidence of COVID-19 consider testing yourself for this viral infection.

How do I get my results?

Our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic gets your sample, they will test it. And our Laboratory partner’s patient services team will contact you with your result within 2 working days.

What happens if my COVID-19 test is positive?

Our partner Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic’s patient services team will support you with advice and signposting if your COVID-19 test is positive. You should self-isolate to avoid infecting others. Do not attend a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. The NHS has advice on COVID-19 that will help you decide what steps to take.

Can I rely on this COVID-19 test?

Our COVID-19 test is 99.9% accurate, so you can depend on the result.

What is the deadline for getting the results on COVID-19 from the day of placing an order?

There are 2 postal deliveries in the process, and a period for the client to post the sample. The only knowable part of the process is from receiving the sample to issuing certificate (directly to the client, by email) which is 2 working days.


If you order the COVID Home test kit by 11.30am UKT, the NHMS guarantees the despatch of your test kit on the same day. The pack will be delivered to you within on average 72 hours and it could be sooner by the Royal Mail first class service.

Whereas the orders placed on Friday after 11.30am UKT will be dispatched on Monday following week and they will be shipped by Thursday the same week.

Note: tracking is unavailable. The NHMS does not provide this type of service.


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